Monday 16th April (E-17)

My “Uplands Labour Team” called yesterday.  That’s to say a bunch of Labour students passed my house and left behind a calling card.  They probably didn’t knock because of all the Green posters plastering my windows.

The calling card has a recycling symbol on the back with the request “Please recycle”.  Looks like they’re competing for the Green vote!

Finished off Penlan Crescent this morning.  Spectacular views up there, but you have to pay for the pleasure by climbing some of the longest sets of steps in the ward.

There’s a row of big houses up on the hill, set well back from the road.  All with large south facing roofs, but not a solar panel between them.  Get with the programme guys!

Had a long chat with a gent from the Penlan Crescent Flats. Been there about 40 years and bought his flat from the Council some years ago.  He told me that in all that time he’s only ever seen two councillors up there, the most recent being Janet Thomas when she had her photo taken in front of the flats for the Lib Dems current leaflet.

After that I worked my way down Ffynone Drive and through St James Gardens/Crescent.  Probably the nicest part of the ward.  Had a quiet sit outside the Buddhist Centre for ten mins to recover from the hills.  I just love the tranquillity of that little square.

Done so well these last few days with the good weather and all the help that I spent the afternoon in the garden, planting some more peas and weeding.

Door knocking in St Helen’s Crescent and King Edward Road this evening.  Still getting a good response on the door step and more Green posters going up around the ward.


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