Tuesday 17th April (E-16)

The forecast rain didn’t materialise, so got quite a lot done today with the help of Eleanor and Juan.

Eleanor is a Postgraduate Student studying for a PhD in Migration Policy.  Juan is an Electrician by trade, but is currently working in a local restaurant. They’re voting Green because they think the Green Party represents “a chance for something different”.

Couldn’t agree more.  Green thinking offers us a different kind of politics, which would replace competition with co-operation and majority rule with consensus.

I see Labour are now putting out what I assume is their main leaflet.  A glossy full colour production containing a lot of promises, including, as expected, a bid for the green vote.  Pity they haven’t quite got the link between economic growth and environmental degradation!

They claim to be offering a “fresh voice for Uplands & Brynmill”.  You can make your own mind up about that.

Working around Eaton Crescent and Bryn-y-Mor Road this afternoon.  Have now completed everything north of Sketty Road/Walter Road and the south-east part of the ward.  Just Brynmill and a few remnants in St Helen’s to go.  Hopefully get all the leaflets done this week and then concentrate on face-to-face engagement with the electorate in the last two weeks.


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