Friday 20th April (E-13)

Unfortunate co-incidence of Friday and 13 here, and for the second week in a row!  So far nothing untoward has occurred, unless you count bumping into my Lib-Dem opponent (Peter May) while out leafleting today.  Caught him tucking into a school cake as he walked his daughter home from school.

Once again weatherman him speak with forked tongue, and the weather has been quite nice with hardly any of the forecast showers.  Managed to get out for two sessions today when I was expecting to be kept at home by the rain.

Amidst all the dereliction and decay,life always seems to find a way. (Spotted up a disused alleyway in Bay View Crescent amidst the rubble and accumulated detritus)



Getting close to the end of the leafleting phase now.  Have to think of novel ways of engaging with the electorate in the last few days of the campaign.








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