Saturday 21st April (E-12)

Job done.  Leafleting phase completed.

In the last couple of months we have hand delivered over 13,500 leaflets and over 5,000 newspapers.  That’s more than 3 items per household; so no one can complain they didn’t know we were here!

In the process I have walked along each street in the ward at least twice, lost half a stone in weight and an inch from my waistline.  Who says politics isn’t good for you!

I was approached by an irate gentleman in Canterbury Road today, waving our leaflet and saying that it’s not very green to put all these leaflets through peoples doors.  He was obviously annoyed by the “mounds” (his word) of leaflets that he keeps getting.

I suppose he has a point in one respect.  The majority of political leaflets go straight into the bin.  At least ours are on recycled paper, and hopefully most of them will go into the recycling bin.  But there is a lot of waste.

On the other hand, how else are we to keep the electorate informed of their choices in a local election?  We use all the online means at our disposal – two blogs, a Facebook page, regional website, national website, press work (when they deign to print it).  But those only reach small numbers of people.  In local elections there are no hustings, so the only way to reach people is through their letterboxes.

Stop Press: I just received a personal e-mail from Chris Holley, Lib-Dem Leader of Swansea Council asking me to vote Lib-Dem!  What do you reckon the chances of that are?

But he has reminded me that people will be receiving their postal votes in the next few days.  So to all you postal voters out there – vote Green, you know it makes sense.

And if you don’t know how much sense it makes then see what the Greens have achieved in Brighton.



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