Monday 23rd April (E-10)

Dodging the showers during the day.  Managed to cover a couple of blocks of flats this morning.  And the rain gave me the time to send off a press release (Green Spaces) and write a letter to the local paper (Community Action Plans).

Had to divert my attention this afternoon dealing with next door’s cat’s desire to turn our garden into a toilet.  Spent the afternoon putting up fencing and wire mesh, plus spreading lots of pebbles around to reduce the toilet potential.

Door knocking in Brynmill late afternoon and early evening.  Still getting a really good reception.  There seems to be a real appetite for change and something new.

One lady told me that canvassers are rare these days and that no one else has knocked on her door.  Perhaps the other parties are indulging in ‘electronic addiction’!


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