A daily(ish) update on the Green Party campaign in the Uplands (& Brynmill) Ward in Swansea, from our “first choice” candidate, Keith M Ross.

KEITH M ROSS is aged 62 and has lived in Brynmill for 10 years.  A former Royal Navy officer, he has also worked in local government, university administration and tele-communications.  He was a Refugee Support Worker with the Welsh Refugee Council before becoming a victim of government cuts last year.

Keith was the Green Party candidate for Swansea West in the 2010 General Election, and lead candidate for the South Wales West Region at the 2011 Assembly Election.

Our other candidate in Uplands & Brynmill is ANDREW SMITH.

Andrew is 34 and lives in Brynmill with his wife and two sons.  A graduate of Swansea University who then settled in the city, he is now a “stay at home dad” and part-time Market Researcher.

Andrew previously represented the Green Party at the local council elections in 2008.

If elected their priorities will be:

  • A ‘Community Action Plan’ for Uplands & Brynmill  – so that local people know what they can (and can’t expect) from their Council
  • Improved community involvement in decision-making; giving local people a greater say in planning decisions.
  • Increased use of renewable energy in public buildings; local councils should be setting an example for others to follow; income raised would be used for local energy efficiency projects such as:
  • Reducing fuel poverty by increasing funding for energy efficiency improvements to local homes.
  • Reducing food miles through greater use of local produce in schools and public buildings; more allotments for local people to grow their own food.
  • Improving public transport and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians; reducing traffic congestion, cutting pollution, improving air quality.
  • Business support focussed on local businesses providing local needs

Disclaimer: The thoughts, ideas, views and opinions expressed on this site are entirely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent Green Party Policy.

That said, in order to comply with election law I have to make it clear that this website is promoted by and on behalf of Swansea Green Party, 2 Francis Street, Brynmill, Swansea, SA1 4NH.


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