Wednesday 2nd May (E-1)

Job done.  Final reminder cards delivered, final leaflets handed out, final doors knocked.

Street canvassing in Uplands Crescent most of the day in the nice weather, and getting a very good response.  Probably won’t get chance to do any more tomorrow due to the predicted change in the weather.  So just need to wait for the votes to roll in and write my victory speech!

Great boost to the campaign today with hundreds of students wandering around in green t-shirts (Varsity 2012).  They were quite amused when I kept thanking them for their support.

Somebody posted a copy of a Labour leaflet from 2008 through my door today, addressed to me by name.  One of the Labour candidates told me that several people have been receiving these and they’re not coming from the Labour team.  I can’t figure out the motivation, unless it’s to remind us of things the Lib Dems hadn’t done four years ago, and still haven’t done (like putting the Slip Bridge back).

Lib-Dems were skulking around the place yesterday and today, but I can’t work out what they’ve been doing apart from delivering leaflets.  Lot’s of people have been telling me that I’m the only person who’s knocked on their door this election.

Next post will be the ‘Last Post’ on this blog, sometime on Friday with the full result of the election.






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