Thursday 19th April (E-14)

Two weeks to go.

Thursday is litter patrol day, of course.  So spent the morning checking the streets.

Yesterday, for the second week in a row, some scallywag decided to scatter the contents of a waste bag around my street.  I managed to get most of it back in the bag.

My letter about Lib Dem spin appeared in the Evening Post today.

There was also a piece in the Evening Post about the number of green dog poo bags (with contents) found on our local beaches.  Well it’s not just the beaches folks!  I found several on the bit of scrubland in Guildhall Road North yesterday.  Like the writer of the article, it puzzles me that people would go to the trouble to pick up the poo in the first place and then dump the bag.  Environmentally it would be better to leave the poo in the long grass.  Poo takes a few days to degrade, whereas the plastic bag will hold its contents for around 25 years if left undisturbed!

Out and about with Steve, one of our candidates from Castle Ward today.  Covered King Edward Road, Bryn Road and a couple of adjoining streets.

Looks like the weather is going to be against us for the next few days.  It will probably be a case of dodging the showers.


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